One tends to think of real estate agents as transactional, a means to an end. One might argue that some view real estate agents as unnecessary (hence the forest of “For sale by Owner” signs). Eureka! I am here to tell you about the better side of a real estate agent. The side that cares about helping their clients find their happy place.

Out of Cancer…Comes Real Estate

I’ve always had a passion for transforming houses into homes. Whether that’s bringing out the beauty of an older home through decorating and renovations or helping a couple find the perfect house to start a family in, I’ve always been drawn to real estate in some fashion, but I haven’t always been a buyers’ agent. My professional real estate journey is rather new. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer in May 2017, and while undergoing treatment, I was unable to work as a surgical nurse and surgery center manager. I’m not one to sit around, even when ill, so I pursued my real estate license while undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. Read More