Real Estate as a Caring Profession??

Recently, after a lengthy battle with Stage 4 Breast Cancer, I decided to leave my full time nursing career to embrace another passion of mine. Those who know me well recognized this as a move that makes sense. Others looked at me strangely and asked why I would do something like leave a successful nursing career for real estate. It didn’t make sense to them. I was good at my job and I loved being a nurse. But, let’s face it, nursing today is exhausting and stressful. Physically and mentally. I am not saying that Real Estate is a walk in the park, but the stress is different. Or is it???

Being a Real Estate agent has challenges. Time management, odd hours, marketing and interesting clients. Wait a minute…… that sounds like nursing management. Hmmm, now that we mention it, I have been feeling that familiar vibe in the past few weeks of really diving into my new chosen profession. After ruminating for a short while, I came to realize that the best parts of my nursing experiences were going to lead me to be good at my new endeavors. Real Estate is a caring profession. Now wait a minute…stop laughing and hear me out.

First, it is a people profession. If you don’t like people, you can’t do this. Period. You will be dealing with people when they are excited, fearful, anxious and stressed out. This is one of the biggest purchases in most people’s lives. Some behave badly. Some people are hungry for information. Some people are seeking control over the process. ( Any nurses in the room are starting to nod because they are recognizing the profile).

Second, it is a teaching profession. Any real estate agent knows that a successful career starts with relationship building. Educating the home buyer about the process reduces stress. Managing the expectations of the home seller makes for a smoother experience. Giving the home buyer/seller the right tools to ensure a satisfying transaction equals happy clients. Happy clients equal happy agent. Not just financially, but personally.

Third, it is a caring profession. The skills learned as a nurse such as active listening and providing emotional support can help to serve a client. If one is in a profession for the sole purpose of making money, it becomes apparent. Marrying the love of helping people with the love of real estate seems like a natural fit. Problem solving and thinking outside of the box are traits of successful nurses and agents. When people know that you care, it makes a difference.

Sure I know that you can apply this same rationale to several other careers. But I didn’t choose those ones. I chose this one, and I have a feeling that I am going to love it.

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