Should we consider a lease option purchase?

Florida Sunrise

Good morning,

As the sun rises on a new day I am greeted by the harmonious sounds of my son screaming in the other room. Aaaahhh. It’s a brand new week. I closed out last week on a roller coaster. I had my first accepted offer on Friday, hooray!!!. On Saturday we had to rescind the offer….sigh. The complications that this client faces could present a challenge to anyone’s problem solving abilities. I realized however that I wasn’t upset about this. This was still a first milestone, even if it didn’t totally pan out. I am on a learning curve and this was a  lesson about relationship building.

My favorite part of being a nurse administrator was problem solving. Seriously, I am not kidding. I really enjoy it. I have realized that I am going to put those skills to the test in this new endeavor. We talked about various options which lead me to do a little research. How many of us are really knowledgeable when it comes to purchasing real estate on a lease option? I have, of course, learned about it. But I have never seen it successfully used. So, I did a little research. Here are the best links to articles regarding the use of a lease option for a purchase. This is something that one should not enter into lightly. But it is a viable option for a small percentage of the buyers in today’s market.




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