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Meet My Newest Project – Real Estate Investment in Sebastian, Fl

Why did I choose real estate investment?

Real estate investment is something I always wanted to do. I love working on housing and then selling them. In some way, I’ve always done it. I grew up doing it! When I was younger, my parents would make home improvements and work on the house as we lived in it. They called it house hacking. Before I was diagnosed with cancer and became ill, I would buy houses to live in, renovate them over time, and once I was done, it was time for me to move and start over again. While I was battling cancer, I decided I would no longer postpone my my goals, and here I am pursuing my passion. Real estate is absolutely my passion and real estate investment is a natural progression from real estate – I love showing, seeing, decorating house, and with investment properties, I can do all of those things!

How do you choose a real estate investment house?

There are many formulas used to determine if a property is an appropriate investment property, but what it really comes down to is the house must have good bones, a lot of potential, and be in a decent neighborhood.

What is a tip or trick you can share for choosing a property?  

When choosing a property to invest in, you want to find a house that is the worst house on a good street. Additionally, the price has to be right. It’s a numbers game.

How did you create a plan for this home?

When I first saw it, the house was already partially gutted. This gave me a different perspective, but I knew I wanted to improve its flow and feel while updating it.  

If you want to see this house when it’s listed or if you want to invest in the next project, call me at (321) 250-5710.

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