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How to Choose a Realtor

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions of your life.


Most buyers have put a lot of thought and consideration into what they’re looking for in a home. For example, a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom home with a garage and, preferably, a pool in a family-friendly neighborhood. But, on the other hand, how much time or thought do most people put into selecting a realtor? Finding the right realtor can make a significant difference in your buying experience. Not all home buyers’ needs are the same. First time home buyers have different needs than an experienced investor; a retired couple’s requirements vary from a growing family’s.  

When everything proceeds smoothly, anyone can sell a house. However, the right realtor will make a significant difference when things go wrong….and they will. Every transaction encounters hitches, stumbling blocks and, sometimes, outright disasters. The right realtor will be there to help you through the hard times and will help you achieve home buying nirvana, instead of home buying hell.

Choosing the right agent is not always as easy as calling the name on the sign. The right realtor for you should check off all of the boxes below:

□ They have time for you.

Having time for you doesn’t mean they are sitting around waiting for your call. What I mean is that a realtor who has time for you answers your calls and emails in a timely manner;  they provide the help and resources you need when you need them; and they will reasonably accommodate your schedule, not theirs.

□ They listen to you.

In many cases, a good realtor will learn a lot by simply having a conversation with you. You, as the buyer/seller, may think you know exactly what you need, but an experienced realtor can uncover needs the buyer/seller didn’t realize they had by asking the right questions and really listening to the answers. This is when knowledge, experience and caring really matter and make a difference.  

□ They are honest.

There is a lot of tough love that happens during a real estate transaction. Sellers can make poor choices when getting their house ready for a sale, and a good realtor will find a way to deliver the truth in a sensitive manner. Furthermore, at times buyers may have unrealistic expectations and need a reality check. Lastly, a great agent will admit when they make mistakes and be accountable to make it right.

□ They don’t know everything.

Anyone who thinks they know everything about a topic should scare you away. A good agent will be knowledgeable. Great agents know what they don’t know, but know where to find the answers.  

□ They respect you as an individual.

Nothing bothers me more than a hard sell. I don’t know anyone who wants to be pushed into a sale. A pushy salesperson is thinking more about themselves than about you. A great agent won’t rush you. They should be secure enough to understand people need time to be comfortable with a decision.  A great agent will provide you with all the tools to make the right decision, including the amount of time you need to make it.

It is vitally important to interview your agent. Your best bet is to get referrals from others. Ask your friends if their realtor checked off the above boxes. If your expectation are not being met, don’t be afraid to change agents. After all, this is a big purchase. You should get the service you deserve.

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