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Shopping Local

It’s a beautiful day today. It’s one of those days when the sun is golden and the breeze is blowing in from the coast. I slept well and I am full of energy. My house is has 2 showings this morning …..and my potted plants are dead. Seriously, I am a homicidal maniac when it comes to plants. Mom, if you are reading this…sorry.

Anyway, I was making an emergency run to the local big box store in Sebastian to buy some more victims. I drove down Main Street, slowing down in front of the Police Department of course. I saw ” A Tree for Me Nursery”. I stopped. I have been watching this place develop from a few trees in the front yard into what it is today. I have told several people that I was going to stop in and I never have, until today.

It is absolutely adorable. Healthy plants, cute outdoor decor, very reasonable prices and a very friendly owner. This place offers the kind of hometown customer service that everyone loves. I quickly selected the next plants that I will kill and we loaded them up. I was attempting to activate my new business debit card online and it wouldn’t work. He told me to go ahead and get the plants to the house and swing by on my way back and pay for them. I was astonished and took him up on his offer. I left him my business card and took the plants to the house. While I was traveling around, I was thinking about how nice the service is and how great the plants look. When I went back, I asked for his permission to take some pictures so that I could post this blog.

This is what Sebastian is, and we need to celebrate our local small businesses. I have found the place that I will use for all of my next projects. This kind of service is what demands loyalty. Stop by and meet Cardy. You won’t be sorry

You can find A Tree for Me at 1100 Main St Sebastian or